Replay Webinar – Real-browser testing for performance

Simplify performance testing with the real-browser approach and approach them from a user point of view

When we think about performance testing, the words reliability, availability, elasticity, user-friendly, come to mind. Indeed, this is what we want to ensure for any software, website, web app in any scenario.

Thus, replicating real world conditions and user interactions with the product can help reach these key elements.

Following this approach, real browser performance testing is a method assessing the performance and user experience of a website or web app simulating real user interactions using actual web browsers.This helps to capture the most realistic performance data because different browsers may render web pages differently.

Learn more about this approach through exchanges with Philippe, Frédéric and Thomas who explain how to proactively address performance issues (linked to geographical, load times, network, etc.) and provide a better online experience for users, using real browser approach.


In the webinar, our three experts talked about: 

  • Performance testing (Introduction & Fundamentals)
  • The challenges faced by testers and related to performance
  • Adopting a real browser approach (demonstration with Tricentis tool Neoload / Principles and benefits)

Frédéric and Thomas explain what types of applications require browser-based performance testing and what a combined approach that incorporates both protocol and browser-based performance testing should look like. 

Webinar organized with Tricentis and led in French

About the speakers:

  • Philippe Boudard is head of the Application Performance and Security department at QESTIT. He manages a large number of consultants on projects, and also carries out assignments as Performance and Security Project Director for key accounts undergoing IS modernization.
  • Frédéric Lemoine is a Performance Testing, Observability and APM Consultant at QESTIT. He has worked on numerous load testing missions and has developed a detailed knowledge of the issues and tools involved.
  • Thomas Ripoche is European Sales Manager for Tricentis' Neoload load testing tool, which is used in this Webinar.

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