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From teacher to tester, discover André's POEI experience

"I think the great advantage [of POEI] is that we have a very broad view of all the areas in which testing is applied [...] giving us a real overview of current events, issues and challenges in the testing sector."
Certified tester after a POEI

15 January 2024 | Exchange with André, who became a tester after a POEI

  • Hello André! You are Quality and Process Manager at QESTIT but before you took up this position, you joined the company as a consultant tester after completing a POEI. And we're curious to find out more! To begin with, can you tell us more about this POEI?

Exactly, and what an experience! At the time, I was in the process of changing careers. After a few discussions with friends and family, I identified the testing sector as a promising one and I was quickly recruited by QESTIT as a tester via France Travail (formerly Pôle Emploi). I had some knowledge of IT in general, but not of software testing, so the POEI enabled me to train for this job.

  • How did your recruitment for this POEI go?

Well, I had applied for the position of tester, and after a few positive interviews with QESTIT, I signed my promise of employment. I then joined the POEI for 10 weeks of training, before joining the QESTIT teams as a consultant tester on a permanent contract.

  • So what was your experience of the training?

Very, very good! The speakers were really competent and very knowledgeable about their subjects, such as Gilles Ménède. I found it rare that they were all able to answer all our questions, no matter how far-fetched or pointed, and encouraged us to ask them. The atmosphere among the trainees was also excellent, and we even had a Whatsapp group that we kept after the training.

  • And the rhythm over ten weeks, not too intense?

You might think that it's a very long course, but the subjects were so varied and changing that it worked really well. There was practice, theory and finally certification. We also had a wide range of speakers who were specialists in their field. The fact that we regularly changed speakers and subjects made the weeks really different from one another.

  • What did you learn most from this POEI?

I think the big advantage is that we have a very broad view of all the areas in which testing is applied. Whether it's functional, automatic or performance testing, the different tools that exist, giving us a real overview of the news, issues and challenges in the testing sector. This means we're really at ease when we go out on a project, because we have a real range of knowledge.

  • Any advice for those interested in joining one of our POEI to become a tester?

I think the key is not to censor yourself. Anyone can be a tester and acquire skills, whether you're a woman or a man, and everyone can find their place and then develop as needs change. There are so many different activities in testing. So you need to be motivated and able to challenge yourself easily. You're joining a new sector, so you need to be open to changes in your skills and/or your job.

  • Do you think anyone can become a tester, by taking part in a POEI for example?

Absolutely, everyone. The only point to bear in mind is that you become a consultant, and that requires a certain flexibility and adaptability depending on the client's needs. It implies the ability to listen, to properly qualify the project and produce quality. And it also implies having the desire and vision to participate in a more qualitative digital world.

  • Today you're still with QESTIT, but you're in charge of quality and processes. How did this change happen?

Well, after a few months of recruitment and internal discussions, there was a need at QESTIT and my skills matched it perfectly. It's a job that mixes IT and testing, as I work on tools that we develop in-house and that therefore have to be tested.

POEI, what is it?

Are you a jobseeker registered with France Travail and interested in becoming a tester?

Individual operational preparation for employment (POEI) is a subsidy provided by France Travail (formerly Pôle Emploi) to finance training before you are recruited. Once you have been selected, the QESTIT Academy will train you to become a tester via its 10-week programme, after which you will join your host company on a permanent contract.

Reskilling POEI


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