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More than 30 training courses dedicated to Software Testing

QESTIT Academy is the training center of the group QESTIT. As a specialist in software testing and quality assurance for nearly 25 years, QESTIT has made skills development one of its driving forces, with its training center dedicated to software testing.

Our recognized skills in training, based on the experience acquired on many IT projects but also on our sense of listening and our pedagogy, allow us to offer you trainings, that aim at:


  • Strengthen your skills in different areas of testing, both in terms of methodology and tools,
  • Promote the appropriation of tools and methods adapted to your problems,
  • Promote and value the qualification functions of your company.

Training is the essence of success.

Led by testing experts

Constantly on the lookout to provide you with the essential skills


30 training courses to meet your goals or specialize in a field

Pedagogic Engineering

On-demand training according to your needs


ISTQB, IREB, IQBBA, etc. Global partner GASQ, DevOps Institute


Trainings inter/intra

You wish to organize a training session for your team, within your office or on our sites, or deploy the program on a national scale? QESTIT Academy can help you. We can also integrate your employees into a session involving employees from several companies.

On-catalog or custom-made

Thanks to our pedagogical team of experts - trainers, we offer you to follow modules of our catalogue or to develop programs tailored to your needs and your business issues.

Remote or face-to-face

The trainings can be organized remotely, on your premises or in one of our 5 French-speaking sites: Paris - Lille - Lyon - Nantes - Geneva.

Accessible to persons with disabilities

The training modalities can be adapted to your handicap. Please let us know in advance if you would like the organization to be adapted:

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Tests fondamentaux

ISTQB Foundation – Certified Tester

This training enables to get a business qualification based on industry standards, proven practices, testing techniques and project management or a common language through a French-English glossary.

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ISTQB Advanced - Test manager

This training will help to define overall test objectives and strategy for the systems to be tested, organize communication between test team members, justify decisions and provide reporting information.

Tests fondamentaux

ISTQB Foundation - Agile Tester

The intern will develop skills such as being efficient on the testing activities of an Agile project by collaborating with the team, adapting the fundamentals of testing to an Agile project, selecting and applying tools and methods.

QESTIT has helped us to professionalize our processes and to acquire a common language, shared with our different interlocutors. Thanks to the University of Testing training, we have acquired, in addition to the ISTQB certification, a set of very valuable good practices in the exercise of our profession.


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