ISTQB Advanced - Test Manager


Compliance to Business - Methods

Goals: Beyond obtaining the advanced certification, Test Managers will be able to:

  • Define the overall test objectives and strategy for the systems to be tested
  • Organize and manage the testing process in the different development life cycles
  • Plan, track tasks and organize reporting and communication
  • Select, acquire and allocate appropriate resources to tasks
  • Organize communication between test team members
  • Justify decisions and provide reporting information

Profile targeted

  • Project Manager
  • Experienced practitioner of the testing business

Mandatory Requirements

ISTQB Foundation Certified Tester

Experience in testing or project management

ISTQB certification


1. Testing process

  • Planning, monitoring and control of tests
  • Test design, implementation, execution & analysis
  • Evaluation of exit criteria and reporting
  • Test closure activities

2. Test management

  • Test management in practice
  • Risk-based testing / test prioritization
  • Documentation of tests and other deliverables
  • Test estimation
  • Definition and use of test metrics
  • Financial value of the test
  • Distributed, outsourced and in-house testing
  • Manage the application of industry standards

3. Reviews

  • Management reviews and audits
  • Manage reviews
  • Metrics for reviews
  • Manage formal reviews

4. Anomaly Management

  • Anomaly life cycle and software development
  • Data from an anomaly report
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a process with anomaly report information

5. Improve the testing process

  • Test improvement process
  • Improve the test process with TMMi, TPI Next, CTP, STEP

6. Testing tools & automation

  • Selecting a tool
  • Life cycle of a tool
  • Metrics on tools

7. Team composition (skills)

  • Individual skills
  • Dynamics of the Test Team
  • Introducing the Test into an organization
  • Motivation
  • Communication

8. Revisions

  • Various questions & clarifications
  • Revision of the CFTL Syllabus and Glossary
  • Group response to the training questionnaire

Teaching methods

  • Theory
  • Case studies
  • Feedback
  • Multiple-choice questionnaire

Terms of evaluation

  • Multiple-choice questionnaire
  • 3h exam


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