Formation outils de tests

Test mobile automation with Appium

Compliance to the business - Methods / Technical handling

Goals: This training addresses test automation on mobile devices, using the open source tool Appium, which allows the creation of test automata in Android and IOS environments, and their integration into a chain of continuous testing tools:

  • Understand Appium and the tool chain that enables its use
  • Savoir comment installer Appium et les outils connexes
  • Be able to automate tests on mobile applications
  • Set up a continuous testing platform




Test Automation Engineer

Test Manager

Mandatory Requirements

Concepts of Java

To have followed the module

Selenium is a plus



1. System & tools


    • Introduction to testing and test automation
    • The different test automation tools

2. Introduction to Appuim & Mobile Test Automation


  • Mobile test automation, Selenium 3.0 and APIs (iOS and Android)
  • Exécution des scripts avec logiciels d’émulation & sur dispositifs
  • Different API levels and Appium concepts

3. JDK, Maven and Android installations


  • Adding an Agile project
  • Create US and sprints

4. Basic Appium for Windows installations

  • Configuration SDK Manager
  • Download & setup of Android API & Appium GUI
  • Understanding appPath, appPackage & appActivity

5. Appium server / Windows OS development

  • Starting & stopping the Appium server
  • Appium Maven Dependencies Download
  • Stop commands and nodes

6. The "Automator Viewer" user interface

  • User interface tool Automator Viewer through SDK
  • Location strategies & tags

7. Inspector Appium

  • Présentation de l’Inspecteur Appium
  • Record and view the video with the Appium Inspector
  • Locate elements with the help of the tool
  • Quid about active sessions?

8. The object repository

  • Presentation of the Object Repository
  • Use as a development infrastructure
  • Rôle de maintenance & types de développement

9. Additional features

  • Execution with ANT, Maven, Jenkins
  • Object, technique and element locator
  • Locate elements within elements & multiple elements
  • Using the functions inside the UI Automator class

10. Test " Android NDK ", Hybrid & Web Applications

  • Different tests Native tool
  • Tactile Actions and Events - Gesture manipulation
  • Web Tool Test - Web Automation with the Chrome browser
  • Hybrid Tool Test - Automate mobile SMS sending tools

11. Component Test Development Infrastructure

  • Introduction to Component Testing
  • Introduction to TestNG
  • Difference between JUnit and TestNG

Teaching methods

  • Theory
  • Case studies
  • Practical training
  • Multiple-choice questionnaire
  • Feedback

modalités d'evaluation

  • Tutorial