What is reskilling?

The reskilling program (named POEI in France) is a financing scheme initiated that allows job seekers to benefit from training prior to hiring. This program allows candidates to improve their skills in the desired position before they take it up. A training curriculum in line with the skills required for the position is defined so that candidates are fully operational when they take up the position.

You are a company?

You want to recruit and train consultants?

Let's discuss the proposed career paths or define together a customized path adapted to your needs, requirements and those of the market, to train the future members of your team now.

You are a candidate?

You want to learn new skill in Software Testing?

Software testing is a promising sector and will allow you to give life to tomorrow's digital projects. Stay connected and be informed of the next Reskilling program planned by QESTIT to become a QA / Automation Consultant.

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Looking for a change, to get involved in projects, learn new skills or collaborate with new people? Turn your career around by training in topics that interest YOU.

RESKILLING - What you need to know

The offer

  • Profile targeted
    Any job seeker registered with France Unemployment organization who has received a job offer with a minimum 12-month contract.

  • Company targeted
    As far as companies are concerned, this system is available to public and private sector employers who have filed a job offer with the French Unemployment organization.

  • Supported trainings
    Our Reskilling program can cover up to 400 hours of training.

  • Organisation
    Our training programs allow participants to master the techniques and tools necessary for the position to be filled as well as to improve soft skills such as oral and written communication.

  • Financing
    The reskilling program is financed by the French Unemployment organisation (Pôle Emploi)

Job search

A job offer requiring new skills is proposed to you: reskilling program may be a possibility. Contact your future company's representant to learn more.


An interview will be organized with the company, the Unemployment organisation (if you are located in France) and yourself to review the skills to be acquired. 


Once the training plan has been received and accepted by you, you start the training course.


In order to validate the training, a viva before a jury is necessary. 


Once you have obtained the certificate, you are now a full member of the QESTIT team or our client's team, who initiated the reskilling program.

Test Consultant - The curriculum

Becoming a Test Consultant in 10 weeks!

  • Test Methodology - 84h
  • Requirement Engineering - 21h
  • Outils de gestion des Tests – 42h
  • Test automation tools - 56h
  • Performance Testing Tools - 14h
  • Tools for web services testing - 14h
  • Communication - 28h
  • Tutorial - 35h
  • Application project - 56h

Total : 350h of training

Option: In-company tutoring - 49h

Our last reskilling programs

Tested and approved by your future colleagues

Automation Squad

This reskilling program allowed the trainees to project themselves in their future role as well as to better understand the testing profession by taking into account the evolution of the market.

The Fantestics

The Fantestics was a training program dedicated to women who wish to work in the IT. Led for 10 weeks by our expert trainers, this training program was organized in collaboration with Leboncoin and Pôle Emploi.

Let's talk about your project

QESTIT ACADEMY support you through the implementation of your reskilling program. Tell us more about your project!

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