ISTQB Advanced - Test Automation

Course ISTQB Advanced - Test Automation

Compliance to Business - Methods

Goals: The training leading to the "Advanced Test Automation" certification allows you to :

  • Contribute to the development of an integration plan for automated tests in the testing process
  • Evaluate the tools and technology for automation best suited to each project and organization
  • Create an approach and methodology for building a Test Automation Architecture (TAA)
  • Design and develop test automation solutions

Profile targeted

  • Any testing professional who wants to deepen their understanding of automation

Mandatory Requirements

  • ISTQB Certification: Certified Foundation Tester
  • Experience in software & automated testing


1. Introduction and objectives of test automation

  • Purpose of test automation
  • Success factors in test automation

2. Preparation for test automation

  • SUT factors influencing test automation
  • Tool evaluation and selection
  • Design for testability and automation

3. Architecture of generic test automation

  • Introduction to the GTAA
  • Design of TAA
  • TAS Development

4. Deployment risks and contingencies

  • Choice of test automation approach and deployment planning
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Test automation maintenance

5. Test automation reports and statistics

  • Selection of TAS metrics
  • Implementation of the measure
  • Registration of TAS and SUT
  • Test automation report

6. Transition from manual testing to an automated environment

  • Automation requirements
  • Identify the steps necessary to implement automation in regression testing
  • Factors to consider when implementing automation in new feature testing
  • Factors to consider when implementing confirmation test automation

7. TAS check

  • Verification of automated test environment components
  • Verification of the automated test suite

8. Continuous improvement

  • Options to improve test automation
  • Adaptation of test automation to changes in environment and SUT

9. ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Exam

Teaching methods

  • Theory
  • Examples
  • Case studies
  • Feedback

Terms of evaluation

  • Multiple-choice questionnaire
  • 1h30 exam


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