Automation tools

Compliance to Business - Methods

Goals: : Master RobotFramework by being able to write, maintain and analyze automated scripts with RobotFramework. 

Profile targeted

  • QA Tester 

  • Test Automation Engineer 

  • Developer in an Agile team 

Mandatory Requirements

  • Programming knowledge base 


1. Introducing RobotFramework

2. Installing RobotFramework

  • Agile development and testing techniques (TDD, BDD, ATDD)
  • Experience-based testing in Agile (Combination of black-box and experience-based tests, exploratory test charters)
  • Aspects of code quality (refactoring, code review and analysis)

3. Test creation

  • Test automation techniques (data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing, applying test automation to a given testing approach)
  • Level of automation (Understanding the necessary level of test automation)

4. Debugging

  • Continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery
  • Virtualisation

5. Creation of visual tests

  • Various questions & clarifications
  • Revision of the CFTL Syllabus and Glossary
  • Group response to the training questionnaire

Teaching methods

  • Theory and practical exercises 

Terms of evaluation

  • None