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General accessibility training (Level 2)

General accessibility training (Level 2)

Compliance to Business - Methods

Goals: Training in accessibility and related concepts. Introduction to accessibility testing methods and how to meet WCAG and RGAA standards.

Profile targeted

  • Managers

  • People who want to get started in digital accessibility

Mandatory Requirements

  • None


1. Introduction to accessibility:

  • Types of disability
  • Assistive technologies
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Introduction of WCAG/RGAA/RAAM
  • Existing legislation 

2. Using a screen reader

  • Basic navigation with a PC screen reader
  • Basic navigation with a mobile screen reader

3. WCAG criteria

  • The 3 levels of compliance
  • The POUR Principles
  • Link between WCAG and RGAA/RAAM
  • Examples of the most common WCAG failures

4. Building an accessible organization :

  • Assessment, Training, Maintenance
  • Maturity models
  • Accessible documents

5. Deliverables:

  • Various questions & clarifications
  • Revision of the CFTL Syllabus and Glossary
  • Group response to the training questionnaire

Teaching methods

  • Theory, examples, handling

Terms of evaluation

  • None