Qalisty Podcast – Trainings in the testing world

A 100% Training & Testing podcast

  • What training to become a tester?
  • How much does it cost for a candidate and how much does it cost a training center?
  • And above all, what is the state of training in software testing in France in 2023?

Abderrazak Dahmani is training director of QESTIT Academy and test specialist. He answered all these questions behind the microphone of Nancaidah Touré-Chauvin. In fact, her podcast Qalisty is 100% focused on test and quality and discusses training in this episode! [French only]

A discussion presenting his journey while staying on the main subject: training in the test world. Then,one of the key points of this exchange is the constant search for sharper profiles by businesses. This highlights the importance to improve skills.

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QESTIT Academy training courses

Do you want to specialize or improve some of your knowledge in testing? Discover our QESTIT Academy training courses. A catalog of 30 training courses for beginner, advanced or expert testers. In addition, find unique certifications like our new certification training  ISTQB Advanced –Agile Technical Tester.

Indeed, ISTQB, DevOps, TMMI, are all tools and certifications available to meet all your requests and your desire to progress. 

The 100% test podcast

Former QESTIT Academy internand today test lead in an ESN, Nancaidah launched her podcast dedicated to test named Qalisty. Every week, surrounded by different guests, the Qalisty podcast aims to popularize all questions related to testing professions in Tech. Discover the reality of a tester job in the digital sector with this 100% Test and QA moment.

Abderrazak, an expert guest

Abderrazak Dahmani has more than 20 years of experience in the testing industry before joining QESTIT. For a few years, he has been director of the consulting and training department within QESTIT Academy.