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How can I keep up with the latest evolutions in testing?

Because new developments and changes are frequent and significant in the digital world, testing is impacted and evolves. Testers must now be able to respond to of fast-moving needs and train accordingly.

During our lastest webinar we went back on 2023 and discussed the perspectives for 2024 and announced trends. These include major topics such as CSR orartificial intelligence.

To meet these demands, the QESTIT Academy is now offering a nouvelle catégorie de formations intitulée « Tendances et évolutions » which aims to promote training courses that meet these new market-specific demands.

CSR, a long-term challenge

One of the challenges of 2024 will be the CSR. We need software that performs well over time and has a positive impact. Among the subjects our new "trends and evolutions" training courses will cover, you will find CSR and accessibility.

  • CSR. At a time when Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is such a hot topic, it's becoming important to apply CSR to the digital world. This subject, which combines eco-responsibility and humanity, is at the heart of our new training course Applying CSR to software .
  • Accessibility. In 2022, one in four European adults had a disability, making digital navigation complicated or impossible. This means that beginners and more technical profiles as well must be able to understand and adapt their tests to the needs of accessibility. Find out about our three levels of training on this topic:
  1. Accessibility awareness (2h)
  2. General accessibility training (1d)
  3. Technical training in accessibility (2.5d)

Artificial intelligence, an exponential need

Recently, an article by QESTIT explained how AI can be used to automate testing. In this article, the author, Paul Singh, explains well the usefulness of AI for testers and the challenges it raises.

"AI-powered testing tools will automate repetitive tasks, predict problems and improve efficiency and accuracy. This leaves more time for creative tasks, but at the same time places new demands on testers. Those with the ability to work with AI-based systems and benefit from AI-enabled testing will be in high demand. Test automation in the future is not about testers versus AI, but rather about how to test with AI."


So there's no reason not to be trained in the latest market trends!

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