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New Agile ISTQB course joins the catalog!

New training for agile testers!

A new certification training course joins the QESTIT Academy catalog: ISTQB Advanced – Agile Technical Tester! Follow with us the construction of this Made in QESTIT Academy training.

1. The need for advanced agile training

In a world where agility is essential, it becomes necessary to be up to date and develop your skills to integrate new processes, techniques and tools for agile projects.

Indeed, QESTIT Academy is already referenced to train and certify ISTQB Foundation – Agile Tester  but the advanced level of an agile tester was not covered.

Thus, the ISTQB-ATT certification training makes it possible to further improve the level of our tester trainees by allowing them more autonomy and efficiency in the management of their agile projects.

2. Building advanced agile training

It all started a year ago when our trainer Marc Hage Chahine suggested taking this new training in order to offer the new ISTQB-ATT certification in our catalog. 

Indeed, to this day, there is no accredited organization in France to deliver training AND administer the ISTQB-ATT exam simultaneously. An important element since this implies that the support has obtained accreditation from the French Software Testing Committee (CFTL).

3. Creation of ISTQB certification support

Marc, trainer but also co-founder of the Taverne du Testeur (Tester's Tavern), offers an article [FR] retracing its experience when creating your course material. Indeed, the creation of the support required a rigor and important pedagogy. The objective is to cover all the elements of the syllabus efficiently while keeping the exam success in mind.

4. Accreditation and launch

Once the support is created, it is time to obtain accreditation with the CFTL, GASQ and ISTQB. QESTIT Academy is accredited! Finally, a first date is defined.

So, from December 4 to 6, find the first session of our new ISTQB-ATT training, remotely with Marc!

Discover the ISTQB Advanced training – Agile Technical Tester

  • Do you work in an agile environment? 
  • Are you an experienced tester or lead and would you like to work on new agile techniques? 
  • You already have ISTQB Foundation certifications and the Agile extension and you want to take an ISTQB Advanced Agile certification?

In addition to all these elements, adding ISTQB Avanced –Agile Technical Tester (ISTQB-ATT) to the list of your skills will help you in your tester daily life. Certification will allow you toimprove your techniques related to requirements quality, code quality, agile testing techniques as well as your choice of approaches depending of the context.

With our trainer Marc Hage Chahine, a first session is already planned for December 4th to 6th!

ISTQB Advanced - Agile Technical Tester

First session available!