Formation outils de tests

Micro Focus LoadRunner

Compliance to the business - Methods / Technical handling

Goals : The job of the tester consists, among other things, in ensuring the performance of the tested information system. This training aims at :

  • Acquire the notions to elaborate a load test
  • Mastering the scripts to perform the tests
  • Master the use of monitors and analysis tools

Profile targeted


Quality and Performance Engineer

Technical Analyst of test


Testing experience

Computer knowledge - Understanding of the C language recommended


1. Development of the load test

  • Definition of the load test
  • Description of the different types of performance test objectives
  • Identification of the steps in the Performance Center methodology
  • Definition of the term "scenario" in the context of Performance Center
  • Identification of strategies for creating effective scenarios
  • VuGen definition
  • Identify the main components of the VuGen interface
  • Create a VuGen script in a web environment using VuGen
  • Describe the basics of the HTML and URL record levels
  • Identify and configure the appropriate runtime parameters for replay
  • Replay the script in VuGen to verify the functionality of the script
  • Implementing the debugging tools available in VuGen
  • Description of the function of a transaction in a script
  • Inserting a transaction into a script during and after recording

2. Setting up and implementing Script View

  • Debugging replay problems using parameters
  • Setting up a script for load testing
  • Correlate dynamic values after recording
  • Identifying and verifying during load testing
  • Introduction and use of Script View
  • Setting up custom output messages in replay logs
  • Application of basic debugging techniques in VuGen
  • Recognition of the main functions and different protocols
  • Creating correlation rules for automation during logging
  • Import and export of correlation rules

3. Execution and scenario analysis

  • Identification, organization of system information prior to testing
  • Performance Center architecture & component installation
  • Scenario development
  • Script and scenario setup in the controller

Teaching methods

  • Theory
  • Case studies
  • Practical training
  • Feedback

evaluation methods

  • Tutorial


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  • 13.09.2023 - 15.09.2023 Paris
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