Testing in continuous integration (with DevOps)


Compliance to Business - Methods

Goals :

  • Understand the basic concepts of DevOps, and DevOps testing
  • Understand the position and role of the Test Consultant in a DevOps environment
  • Understand what differentiates DevOps testing from "traditional" testing
  • Know the tool chain, including the principles of automation and continuous integration

Profile targeted

  • Tester - Consultant
  • Test Manager - Analyst
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • Expert Test
  • Contracting authority support

Mandatory Requirements

  • Knowledge of the test


1. Tester - Consultant Test Manager - Analyst Automatician Expert Test AMOA

  • Reminder of what DevOps is
  • Definition of DevOps testing
  • Notion de « continue » (intégration, livraison, déploiement) dans DevOps
  • Concepts
  • The different types of tests
  • Benefits of DevOps testing

2. Test culture and DevOps organization

  • Characteristics of a DevOps testing culture
  • Importance of DevOps testing culture
  • The effects of the DevOps testing culture
  • Organization, roles and resources needed
  • DevOps et l’automatisation

3. DevOps Test Engineering - Strategies

  • Comparaison DevOps testing et cycle en cascade, cycle en V, tests agile, tests ITSM
  • Strategies for implementing DevOps testing
  • The 5 precepts of a DevOps test
  • Catalog of DevOps test types

4. Tool Suites for DevOps Testing

  • Goals of the Framework
  • Resources
  • Examples of DevOps test frameworks
  • Methods for selecting test frameworks
    Devops integration
  • Testing tools and different types of tools
  • Intégration des outils de tests dans les Frameworks de tests DevOps

5. DevOps Test Best Practices

  • What is a good practice?
  • Bonnes pratiques pour la planification des tests DevOps
  • Best practices for DevOps test automation
  • Bonnes pratiques de gestion et d’analyse des résultats des tests DevOps

6. Examen DevOps Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF) - Optionnal

  • Mock exam
  • Commented correction
  • Exam

Teaching methods

  • Theory 
  • Case studies 
  • Practical training 
  • Multiple-choice questionnaire 
  • Mock exam

Terms of evaluation

  • Oral synthesis