Devops: approach and tools

Compliance to the business - Methods

Goals : At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to understand the concepts and the main tools of a DevOps approach.

  • Understand the principles and benefits of the DevOps movement
  • Understand the challenges of DevOps in an organization
  • Know the components of a DevOps software factory
  • Identify the main configuration management tools
  • Identify the steps to implement the approach, including risk anticipation

QESTIT is a partner of DevOps Intitute and regularly conducts training on DevOps and its impact on the testing business. The training allows to understand the concepts and the main tools of a DevOps approach

Profile targeted

Developers, Architects, Project managers, IT managers and actors, decision makers...


Knowledge of IT services. Experience on an IT project is desirable


1. Principles and benefits of the DevOps movement

2. What are the challenges of DevOps for an organization?

3. How to build a DevOps software factory?

4. What are the main tools for configuration management, continuous integration and continuous deployment.

5. Implementation of the approach, including risk anticipation.

6. MCQs to validate knowledge.

Teaching methods

  • Theory and MCQs, paper training material
  • Sharing of experience

evaluation methods

  • MCQ at the end of the course


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  • 02.05.2023 - 04.05.2023 Remote
  • 02.05.2023 - 04.05.2023 Paris
  • 19.06.2023 - 21.06.2023 Lille
  • 05.07.2023 - 07.07.2023 Remote
  • 05.07.2023 - 07.07.2023 Paris
  • 21.08.2023 - 23.08.2023 Lyon