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Leading a test project

Course leading a test project

Compliance to Business - Methods

Goals: The application of the ATeMe method will enable participants to:

  • Understand the Qualification process, the integration of qualification in the software life cycle
  • Understand the implementation of a qualification process
  • Identify the components of the qualification process
  • Calculate the loads of the project phases
  • Propose a coherent implementation schedule

Profile targeted

  • Software qualification project manager
  • Software Quality Manager AMOA

Mandatory Requirements

Experience in testing and IT projects

Certification ISTQB Foundation - Certified Tester recommandée


1. The Qualification process

  • Fundamental concepts
  • Testing in the software life cycle
  • Reviews and inspections
  • Test design techniques
  • Test management

2. The QESTIT Qualification process (ATeMe)

  • Introduction
  • Definition phase
  • Development phase
  • Deployment phase

3. Practical case of the ATeMe approach

  • Project presentation
  • Identification of the perimeter
  • Implementation of the project
  • Estimated expenses
  • Planning of realization

Teaching methods

  • Case studies
  • Exercises
  • Feedback
  • Templates from ATeMe

Terms of evaluation

  • Multiple-choice questionnaire


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  • 11.12.2023 - 12.12.2023 Lille