Formations test logiciel

Automation and RPA with Uipath

Formation automatisation et RPA avec UIPATH

Compliance to the business - Methods / Technical handling

Goals: : Use the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool, UiPath in a real context

  • Install the components of the tool
  • Analyze a specification
  • Design, program and execute robotic processes
  • Understand the constraints and the stakes of robotization

Profile targeted

Tester - Consultant

Test Automation Engineer

Testing expert


Mandatory Requirements

Have taken part to the UiPath Academy Level 1 Foundation Training


1. Introduction

2. Installation of the UiPath solution

3. Orchestrator Configuration

4. Analysis of a business problem

5. Drafting of the business cases to automate

6. Design of robotic programs

7. Qualification and validation of programs

8. Deployment of treatments

9. Technical error management (resilience)


10. Presentation of programming tips

11. Component Test Development Infrastructure

12. Optimization of robotic treatments

Teaching methods

  • Exercises and corrections
  • Examples
  • Feedback
  • Contributions

Terms of evaluation

  • Tutorial